Shoot Info

Group shoot explanation

Each session involves 5 children and lasts 30 mins.

We aim to get 10-12 photos of each child.

Preparation for the day

Your baby or child must have attended a swimming program that uses a submersion method, or have been taken swimming regularly. This is so that they are comfortable underwater.

Try to feed babies 1-2 hours before the shoot. You may also find your baby is particularly hungry afterwards, as being a beautiful little model for us requires energy!

Please arrive with plenty of time to get ready before the shoot, e.g. 15 mins or so before.

Costumes & Nappies

We can provide various children’s outfits if needed, or feel free to bring your own.

Print Sizes

  • Photographic prints in sizes: 5×7, 6×9, 8×12, 12×18.
  • Canvas wrap prints: 12×18, 16×24, 20×30.
  • Padded prints (A padded, tactile and durable laminated print with discreet hanging system): 16×20, 20×24, 20×30.
  • You can buy single digital files directly from the website.
  • Or if you want to buy all of your original files at a special discounted price contact Ella.
Note: Refections, bubbles, hair and fabric movement are what makes underwater photography special, so we tend not to retouch them.