About Ella Makes Waves

Ella Makes Waves expertly produces beautiful photos of babies and children for individual customers and swim schools. Book a session with our professional underwater photographer Ella.

Who is Ella?

… a professional photographer based in London

… started taking pictures at a young age, learning her skills from her Dad who had his own darkroom

… her parents encouraged her hobby, but were a little concerned when she spent all her pocket money on camera equipment (Ella still spends all her money on camera equipment)

… completed a degree in photography at the Camberwell College, part of University of the Arts, London

… has over six years of experience in underwater photography (participated in shoots at Pinewood Studios and locations all over the world)

… has ten years experience of working with kids

… loves the freedom of shooting underwater and all the challenges it brings

… a keen free-diver and she can hold her breath for just under 3 minutes!

… mostly prefers “still, over sparkling”

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